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Because your Ford or Lincoln car, truck or SUV tires are a specifically engineered component of your vehicle, it’s important to use tires that are exactly matched. Tires are what make your vehicle drive the way you expect and also are a large part of your vehicle’s safety. Needless to say, this is a large part of your vehicle’s upkeep, and it’s a part of your Ford or Lincoln in Morrow, GA needs.
Getting your tires from Allan Vigil Ford Lincoln┬áin Atlanta, GA is your assurance that you’ll get the tires designed for your Ford or Lincoln car, truck or SUV — and only those tires.

What you should know:

To match the tires that originally came on your Atlanta Ford or Atlanta Lincoln vehicle exactly, seven factors are taken into account: Tire Size, Tire Speed Rating, Tire Load Rating, Tire Tread Wear Rating, Tire Traction Rating, Tire Temperature Rating, and Tire Overall Brand Quality.

It can be difficult for laymen to figure out all seven aspects of appropriate tire criteria. For the Tire Professionals at your Morrow Ford dealer near Atlanta, GA, however, there’s no mystery. Our Service Managers are true tire experts; they’ll suggest the exact tires your Atlanta Ford or Atlanta Lincoln needs to continue performing and driving like the day you got it!

How to maintain your tires:

When attempting a DIY project on your Georgia Ford tires, refer to your vehicle’s owners manual for the proper level of inflation. This information may also be posted the door post of your Atlanta Ford or Atlanta Lincoln, or they could be in the glove compartment. When checking your tires’ air pressure, make sure the tires are cool. In other words, they should not be warm at all from driving. (Note: If you must drive a distance to reach an air compressor, check and record the tire pressure first and then add the appropriate air. Schedule service pressure when you get to the pump. It is normal for tires to heat up and the air pressure inside to go up as you drive. Never “bleed” or reduce air pressure when tires are hot.)
Remove the cap from the tire valve, firmly press a tire gauge onto the valve and note the reading.

Add air to achieve recommended air pressure.

If you overfill the tire, you can release air by pushing on the metal stem in the center of the valve with a fingernail or the tip of a pen. Then recheck the pressure with your tire gauge. The proper pressure in your Georgia Ford or Georgia Lincoln tires is paramount for the safety of your vehicle and your vehicle’s passengers.

Replace the valve cap.

Repeat with each tire, including the spare. (Note: Some spare tires require higher inflation pressure.) Check tire sidewall for recommended PSI.

Tire Terms

Tread – Provides traction and cornering grip
Belts – Stabilize and strengthen the tread
Sidewall – Protects the side of the tire from road and curb damage
Body ply – Gives the tire strength and flexibility
Bead – Assures an air-tight fit with the wheel
Interliner – Keeps air inside the tire

Always shop Allan Vigil Ford Lincoln for great prices on tires for your Ford or Lincoln tires in Atlanta, GA, Morrow, GA, Forest Park, GA, College Park, GA, Stockbridge, GA, Conley, GA and Riverdale, GA. The Georgia Ford dealership with its great Service Department is fantastic at giving you exactly what you need for your Atlanta Ford or Atlanta Lincoln car, truck or SUV. Don’t hesitate to call your Georgia Ford Lincoln dealer at (888) 542-3388 to schedule an appointment, or schedule a Ford service appointment or a Lincoln service appointment online with Allan Vigil Ford Morrow.